• Ocean Freight






What countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide. We do have weekly airfreight service to Nigeria and other West African cities.

How long will it take before I receive my shipment in Nigeria?

Our Shipment to Nigeria takes about 6 business days to Lagos from the Thursday shipped. This allows time for shipment to travel to Lagos and clear customs. It takes additional 2-3 business days to other major Nigerian cities.

How much do you charge to ship to Nigeria?

See our pricing page for our rates. Please email for custom rate quote for special items, volume discount etc.

What is dimensional or Volume weight?

Dimensional/volume weight utilizes the length, width and height of a package in relation to its actual weight to determine what the chargeable weight of the package will be. Items that have a large volume in relation to their weight tend to be charged as dimensional weight like large plastic products/toys, bed comforters/Duvet, etc.

Will I have any other charges to pay in Nigeria besides what is on my bill from Dallas?

We do not have any separate charges besides what we bill you from Dallas.

What if I am unable to provide requested additional information/paperwork?

We reserve the right to put your shipment on hold until applicable shipping requirement is met. Note that we will NOT send your package/goods if we have reasonable suspicion of fraud. PLEASE if it is not legitimate, do not bother.

Are there any customs charges or fees paid at arrival at destination port?

There maybe additional customs charges and government fees charged at the destination port. Aries Global does not have any control over this, and the customer is responsible for such payments.